Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bra-tastrophe Story: Lifetime Double Divas Giveaway!

Have you ever had a bra-tastrophe? You know, a Tara Reid moment? Well I certainly have. A few months after my first child was born we went on a family vacation to the beach. I was pretty much wearing nursing bras all the time, which was fine with my regular shirts. We went out for dinner on the beach at this beautiful restaurant – you could watch the sunset while you dined and it was absolutely stunning. And hot. We are talking Florida in July people. It is not comfortable. So I wore a strapless tank top and one of my old strapless bras. Big mistake. My bra was too small and kept flipping under my boobs, which made my top slip down and look like I was stuffing a sweater under my shirt. It was embarrassing! I learned a hard lesson and I always make sure to check my bra size every few months or so (I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past three years, so it is necessary). It is all about the right bra size folks. So what is your bra-tastrophe? Double Divas is having a special episode so we are all about hearing your [...]


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