Thursday, 6 December 2012

WTF Happened to Jared Leto?s Eyebrows? FASHION FAIL

I don’t care what frickin’ planet you are living on, eyebrows are IN. They are flippin’ cool, so leave them there. But in this case Jared is not making a fashion statement, instead the 40 year old actor has shaved his brows for his role as an HIV transvestite in the film The Dallas Buyers Club. I am used to hot Jared Leto, you know, the one we came to love and adore on “My So Called Life” back in the dy and the one we grew to adore even ore as the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman. Jared posted some pics via Instagram of his eyebrows – on the wax! And if you wanna see what a sexy woman he make, well then you must see these pics. This guy is so underrated – he has true talent. I will definitely be watching this film…


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