Sunday, 2 December 2012

Survivor Philippines Episode 11 Recap

We begin the Survivor Philippines Episode 11 recap on Day 28. Abi has taken her drama queen antics up a notch or two after being hammered during the last Tribal Council. Her only ally, Pete, was voted off and she had to use her hidden immunity idol to stay in The Game. The new power alliance, the Gang of 4 consisting of Malcolm, Denise, Michael and Lisa, want her gone next. But on the slight chance that Abi may win immunity, veteran player Jonathan Penner is their back-up boot-target. Tree-mail provides each player with $500 is cash. The Reward Challenge is the infamous ?Survivor Auction?. Abi is determined to use her money wisely. The rest don?t seem to care as they blow their money on donuts or pancake breakfasts. Everybody buys some food item to feast on, except Abi. She gets her wish when Jeff Probst offers ?an advantage?. Abi immediately bids $500 on it, and since nobody else has that kind of money, she wins it. Back at camp, Abi continues her pity-poor-me routine, ending what should have been a happy day on a sour note. Day 29 and Abi is in a fighting mood. She has read her [...]


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