Thursday, 22 November 2012

Taylor Swift AMA Awards 2012 (Photos): Fashion Fail!

Taylor Swift’s AMA Awards 2012 outfit was just about as exciting as her latest single…oh, I’m sorry, but I fell asleep at the thought of it. Anyway, Swift has re-emerged with some new material and the same strange, conservative look. She had on a dress that looked like someone’s drunk grandmother bedazzled it. “Here you go, sweetie, they will just love you in this.” The only thing she got right was her eye make-up, which was obviously done by a professional. Her hair was pulled up, which is usually not her chosen style. Normally she wears her hair like Goldilocks, which works very well for her. The sleeves are partially see through, but the entire thing is far too flesh-colored to be nice looking. The shoes even blend right in. I would say back to the drawing board on this one Taylor. That goes for the new record, too. Pictures: PR Photos


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