Sunday, 4 November 2012

Survivor Philippines Episode 7 Recap, The Merge

Yes, time for the Survivor Philippines Episode 7 recap! As predicted last week, the show last night revolved around ?The Merge? as Kalabawa and Tandang Tribes combined. The show begins on Night 16 after Kalabawa Tribe returns from Tribal Council. Denise is very happy that Katie was voted off and not her. Jonathan Penner was unhappy that Katie voted to boot him after he thought he had her convinced that Denise was the target. He now suspects that he may become a target himself. Day 17 and at Tandang Tribe, Michael Skupin recounts his tale of how he fell in the fire during Season 2 in Australia. It was on Day 17 which that happened. The Merge came the very next day. Mike and the others are surprised to see Jeff Probst approaching their beach in a large, motorized outrigger canoe. They have just ten minutes to gather up their belongings! Yep, its The Merge! A similar boat arrives at Kalabawa Tribe and off they all go to their new home. All 11 happy campers arrive at a new beach and find a feast awaiting them. There is the initial goodwill and cheery chat. Jeff Ghent is glad that nobody [...]


Amanda Swisten Amber Arbucci Amber Brkich Amber Heard

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