Sunday, 11 November 2012

Joey Anderson: Joe Simpson?s Gay Escort Spills All (Photos)

Joe Simpson’s gay escort Joey Anderson is spilling all about his steamy sexual encounter with Jessica’s dad. This latest bombshell sure is not helping to squash those allegations that papa Simpson is into men not women. Ever since Joe and Tina Simpson split the rumor mill has been running ramped that Joe is gay and thanks to the latest story from Anderson that rumor mill is running ramped again. According to RadarOnline Joey is spilling the beans on his three hour tryst with Simpson. Anderson is a gay escort and he is not holding back any details on the time he spent with the former pastor. Let me just say he gives a blow by blow, no pun intended, of his time with the guy who used the name Jack Simpson during their time together. Some of those details include starting off with a massage, oral sex, rolling around and well lots of pleasure. The male escort goes on to say that his tryst with the famous father could not have been Joe’s first time, apparently Ashlee and Jessica’s daddy has had some experience with the men before.�If you want to hear the entire account of what went down you [...]


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