Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Survivor Philippines Episode 6 Recap

We begin the Survivor Philippines Episode 6 recap on Night 13 as the Kalabawa Tribe returns from their first trip to Tribal Council. Katie feels isolated and alone now that her only ally, Dawson, was voted out. So she plots to stir up trouble and will try to get the tribe to vote off veteran player Jonathan Penner next. Good luck with that! On Day 14, she begins to spin her web, warning the newly arrived Denise that Jonathan probably has a hidden immunity idol. Day 15 and things are not looking good food-wise with the Tandang Tribe. Their supply of rice is nearly exhausted thanks to veteran player Michael Skupick frequently munching on it raw. He thinks the rice will cook in his tummy. Given that the temperature is above 100 degrees most of the time, he may be right. A Reward Challenge might help as the prize is a hearty lunch of thick, meaty sandwiches, soup and brownies. The event is for three players from each tribe to battle in the mud while trying to push a giant ball into a goal. In Round One, we have Jonathan, Carter and Denise for Kalabawa versus Mike, Pete and Lisa [...]


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