Thursday, 18 October 2012

Soap Dish: Nicole Loses Baby #2 On DOOL

It is Soap Dish time again my friends and this week I am dishing all about Nicole losing baby number two on Days Of Our Lives. It is a story line that has me up in arms so much that I am kind of thinking of ditching Days. I don’t usually write too much about storylines on my favorite soap operas but as I watched the latest storyline with Nicole Walker on DOOL play out this week I just had to express my thoughts on it. There is a spoiler alert here so if you are behind on the show you might want to stop reading, of couse the title also gives it away so I guess it was already spoiled, my bad. Anyway this week on Days Nicole lost her baby, there was no heartbeat. If you are a fan of the show then you know that this is baby number two that the character has lost on the show and that is what has me so annoyed with the show. Although Nicole has done her fair share of biotchy things on the show I am still a fan of hers, what can I say she keeps things interesting. [...]


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