Friday, 26 October 2012

Emma Watson: Fashion Fail Montage

Emma Watson continues to show up at events looking like a student in an introductory costume design class who is testing out designs. But for some reason, she keeps getting praised. Just this week she was named Best Dressed, even beating out Sarah Jessica Parker. Sigh. So in response, I have put together some of her most ridiculous outfits. Here is the one that got her the best dressed title: Silly, right? I mean, doesn’t she look a little bit like Victoria Beckham’s less-fortunate little sister? Or how about this one? I mean, what is that a nightgown? The point is that she rivals Miley Cyrus when it comes to bad fashion, yet she is showered with praise. Here, let me give you one more little gem: Need I say more? Pictures: PR Photos


Fergie Foxy Brown Freida Pinto FSU Cowgirls

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