Saturday, 26 May 2012

Death To The Install! Play Facebook Games Straight From News Feed

Play Games From The FeedFacebook games just got a lot more viral. People don't want to install and give data permissions to games, they want to play them, so now Facebook is allowing games to be played directly from within news feed or Timeline stories. These previews give gamers a taste and could get them over the install hurdle once they're already addicted. Facebook has to keep delivering growth for apps to get developers to stick around, or better yet, build for it first. Feed gaming could be a big selling point that could get devs to prioritize Facebook's canvas over iOS, Android, Chrome web store, and other platforms that force people to download and install before the fun starts. Some of Facebook's most popular games are already using this tactic. Read more to try out playing Angry Birds, Bubble Witch Saga, and Idle Worship from the feed...


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