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ClockworkMod Touch Recovery now available for $1.99 in ROM Manager, free as flashable download

CWM recovery in-app purchase

There's a Market update available for ROM Manager, and it brings a new feature that many have been wanting -- automatic installation of ClockworkMod Touch Recovery.  ROM Manager itself is still free (you can buy the premium version for more features), but if you want to use it to flash CWM Touch, it's going to cost you.  The price is $1.99, and it's available as an in-app purchase from the ROM Manager app, billed through the Android Market, PayPal, or via e-mail with a redeem code.  

ClockworkMod Touch is still available for free, though.  If your phone is supported you can download and install it manually through fastboot from the ClockworkMod website.  What you're paying for is the convenience of having ROM Manager do it for you, or for not having to configure and install the Android SDK and set up fastboot.  As some of you know, sorting out fastboot and drivers for your computer can be a pain, so here is your way around it once again.

Anyone who hacks at their Android phone needs a custom recovery.  Besides having an easy way to flash modifications and new ROM's, a custom recovery gives us something that is indispensable -- a way to create a restore point for our phone or tablet and go back to it at any time.  While there's a lot of good to be said for the "old style" that forces you to read every option and select carefully, there's no denying the allure of a touch-based version for many folks.  If you're one of them, now you have an easy way to get it on your device.  Koush is currently adding more builds for more phones, so if your's isn't listed just keep checking.  Happy flashing!

Source: +Koushik Dutta.  More: ClockworkMod

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Evoluce Win&I brings Kinect gesture controls to Windows 7

evoluce win&i windows 7 gesture control kinect
We've been looking at some pretty cool Kinect and Windows interactions for a while now, but we were hoping that the release of an official SDK would lead to even more coolness. Evoluce has stepped up, and is now offering Win&I -- a full-featured gesture control system for Windows 7.

The company claims that a range of up to four meters is supported, which should be perfect for just about any home theater setting. In the video embedded after the break, you can see an Evoluce demonstrator flip through a photo album, pan through a map, rearrange application windows, browse the Web, and control media playback. Two versions of Win&I are offered -- the home version goes for about 20 Euros, the business version for 40.

Anyone else having fun pretending his stance is a little "Iron Man"? We're tempted to put a repulsor on that hand.

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GNOME 3 released, ushers in an interesting amalgam of iOS and OS X

GNOME 3 desktop manager
GNOME 3, after more than two years of development, has been released into the wild. GNOME 3 is not merely the logical successor of GNOME 2: it is an entirely new project, started from scratch, to create a "completely new, modern desktop designed for today's users and technologies."

The best way to check out GNOME 3's new features -- and it has lots of new features -- is to run a live version of openSUSE or Fedora, or simply head over to the GNOME 3 website and watch the (rather pretty) introductory videos. If you want a synopsis, though, here it is: GNOME 3 looks a lot like Mac OS X, with a healthy dollop of iOSesqueness for good measure, but yet it still somehow retains an underlying feel of Linux.

The overall aesthetic is very simple, very elegant, and despite being slightly out of fashion, there are plenty of rounded corners, too. The main addition, workflow-wise, is the addition of an app-launcher-cum-alt-tab screen, where you can launch apps, or flip through your open windows. For a complete list of the new features and changes, check the GNOME 3 release notes.

Despite GNOME 3 being officially launched, there aren't actually any releases for existing, stable Linux distros -- it's the live CD/USB images, or Ubuntu users will have to wait for the launch of 11.04 for a GNOME 3 PPA, but it will break Unity in the process. Fedora users will have to wait for for the May 24 release of Fedora 15. Of course, if you're feeling crazy, you can always build GNOME 3 from source.

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How to tell if your iPhone 3GS has an older or newer bootrom [jailbreak tip]

Want to jailbreak and unlock but need to know how to tell what bootrom your iPhone 3GS is running? There are two numbers in your settings that will be a dead giveaway as to what bootrom your phone has. You'll need to know how to determine your bootrom in certain situations if you want to achieve a software unlock.

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Personal Activity Monitor tracks time you spend using desktop apps

Up until a couple of years ago, I used to turn to RescueTime to figure out how I spend my time online. Then it got too complex, and I stopped using it. Personal Activity Monitor is like a vastly dumbed-down version of RescueTime, and I mean that as a compliment. It's free and bare-bones -- all it does is track what applications you're using and for how long.

A big drawback at this point is that it doesn't integrate with Web browsers to help you analyze how you spend your time on the Web. Still, if your work doesn't require constant Web app use, knowing how long you've used a browser overall might be enough to help you manage your time.

This is far from the only application in this space -- alternatives such as Slife and Chrometa are full-featured and impressive -- but PAM is good option for those who want a nice, simple tracker.

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Could Apple release a separate 4G LTE iPad 3 and Phone 5 in select markets?

We’ll likely get a new iPad 3 sometime this March and an iPhone 5 later this summer or fall, but will either or both of them run on the new,

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How To Turn a Log Into a Lampshade [Video]

More »

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Toyota pulls Cydia theme and ads to appease Apple

Apple asks Toyota to remove jailbreak Cydia theme
In news that will no doubt shake the very bedrock of your belief system, Apple has asked Toyota to remove its Scion theme and its advertising from ModMyi, a Cydia repository. The Scion theme has been available for weeks, but after it received a ton of press in the last couple of days, Apple finally lashed out.

It's not like we should be surprised, considering Apple has claimed in the past that jailbreaking is illegal -- but at the same time, did the Cupertino cronies hear about the ruling that made circumventing DRM, and thus jailbreaking, legal? Anyway, whether Toyota was supporting illegal, legal, or deliciously gray and ambiguous, activity, it doesn't matter: Apple asked Toyota to remove the theme, and Toyota graciously bent over and capitulated.

This story raises a much more interesting topic, though: this is the first time a multinational company has publicly acknowledged and embraced the jailbreak community. Considering jailbreaking is technically legal, and Cydia's creator, Jay Freeman, estimates that up to 9% of OS devices are jailbroken, it simply makes good, commercial sense to target jailbreakers with ads. Toyota was simply trying to make some money, for shame!

As long as Apple continues to throw around its increasingly-expansive mass, the legality of jailbreaking will continue to be inconsequential. It will be interesting to see if another big company dares embrace the jailbreak community after this, too.

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Apple hires former Dixons CEO John Browett as senior VP of Retail

More than six months after Ron Johnson's departure, Apple has finally found a new retail chief to replace him, in one John Browett. The Cambridge- and Wharton-educated Browett will be coming to Cupertino in April after serving nearly five years as CEO of Dixons -- the Taj Mahal of British retail. Before that, he held a smattering of obscurely defined "executive positions" at Tesco plc and advised retail clients at Boston Consulting Group. In a statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook lauded his company's latest appointee, citing his "incredible retail experience" and commitment to customer service. Read more in the PR after the break.

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Firefox 10 Is Now Live [Firefox]

The newest version of Firefox is now available for the PC and Mac. Its newest features include a Forward button that remains hidden until you actually need it, support for full-screen APIs, and better extensions management. [Mozilla via the Verge] More »

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Here's Everything Apple Could Buy With the Billions They Just Made [Video]

We know that Apple just had its biggest quarter in history. We know that they made an insane $46.33 billion in revenue. But do we really know how much money $46.33 billion is? It's hard to visualize, so this presentation and facts may help: More »

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Let it Slide is an engaging, difficult puzzle game

I have a thing for physics games, and I've been known to post the occasional platformer or action game here and there. But Let it Slide is one of the brainiest games I've posted to date.

The idea is very simple, and far from original: You get a board with pieces arranged in a particular pattern; you have to slide those around until you get the special piece into its target location.

It's not even about finding out where the target location is - you can just hover over "dim tiles" and instantly see where you're supposed to bring the special piece. But getting it there is a whole different story.

There are five tutorial levels, which I strongly recommend you do. Then there are twenty "beginner" levels, but that's really a misnomer. If those are the beginner levels, I don't want to know what the intermediate and advanced levels look like!

Every time you finish a level you get a score based on how many clicks it took you - each level has a "par" (the minimum number of clicks it could be completed in), and your performance is compared to that gold standard. Because it's such a brainy game, getting it right is quite satisfying. I was downright proud of myself when I managed to finish a few levels. All in all, quite recommended, especially if you've got a few minutes of quiet. It might actually help you focus better later on.

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series Is Your Down-In-Fraggle-Rock Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]

Have you ever studied philosophy? Oh it's dreadful, theorems upon postulations upon unwashed grad students and stuffy dead depressed Germans. Phooey! Fie! If you're considering a philosophy class, please don't do it. They'll tell you all about Plato's Cave, which is where prisoners see shadows and the prisoners are philosophers and Socrates is there and boorrrriiinnnnggggg. The only cave I want to spend that much time in is the one where Fraggle Rock takes place. Fuzzy little muppets laughing and singing and playing all day long? That, my friends, is an ethos. That's philosophy. And this $50, 20-disc complete series compilation is the only syllabus you'll ever need. -BB More »

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